Darn You, Vampire Weekend

This week has turned out to be hell. Still, I needed to give my brain a rest and find a quiet spot so I put a little design together based on a tune by Vampire weekend. It’s still more of a work in progress, but for a first pass I am really happy with it. … Continued

Evil Man with the Top Hat as Leopold Bloom

This is a piece I have been playing around with for a while. Inspired by a piece by Miguel Arias, this piece “Evil Man with the Top Hat as Leopold Bloom” is an exercise in texture and color. This is the first of a series of endeavors that have been inspired by other works.

Pappy's New Here

Well, another year and I am once again late on coming up with any resolutions, plans, or useful projects. Perhaps I am being to hard on myself. Afterall, we did just have a baby a couple of weeks ago; it was the Holiday season; and I have been looking into strengthening both my design, and my programming skills.