Your worst client

I was recently asked to lend a hand and do some icons for a video game. Icons are not my strong suit, but as a designer it is great to work on a project outside of my comfort zone. Being able to break myself out of myself made box is a great way to unwind, … Continued

9:1 – A rotating ratio between developers and designers

Not getting much sleep, I started to stress over — of all things — my thesis project, which I still have to write and present my proposal for.

In the past I have toyed with everything from trying to do a cartoon, to some sort of social networking tool that allows the user to create digital narratives, to building a weight loss community. I then had the idea of designing my own collaboration tool for working on large scale media projects (movies, commercials, videos, etc.). I got pretty excited, so I proposed this idea to a couple instructors.

Much Belated 7-Star

I had a little time before shut down, so I powered through a quick bit of photo manipulation. The trick here is to make a digital photo look like it was done on a Lomo camera, and then cross color processed. I got a couple other pics that I think I will my hand at. … Continued