Much Belated 7-Star

WIll Playing through the lens of a virtual Lomo Camera I had a little time before shut down, so I powered through a quick bit of photo manipulation. The trick here is to make a digital photo look like it was done on a Lomo camera, and then cross color processed. I got a couple other pics that I think I will my hand at.

For now, I need to get some sleep.

The designer should use design as a tool, not be a tool.

It’s not the first time I heard this, “Well, we wanted to keep everything on PlatformX because of (insert reason – cost, immovability,logistics), but these other designers want us to move to PlatformJ. We would love too, but its just not feasible for us. The designers will not just let up”*

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Ahead of Schedule… Finally!!!

So here is a long awaited entry for the 7-Star Challenge (and yes, Mike. My website counts as an entry so there – :P *).

rapanuiThis piece is actually a digital recreation of a wood carving by Stanley Stubenberg from the 1950’s. I figure I would go back to basics, and start to play around with works that inspire me.Since I am a budding Tiki enthusiast, I felt it appropriate to move my design towards what I know.

I have been re-reading a great book by Sven Kirsten who is one of the most noted authorities on Tiki Culture and Polynesia Pop, and yes they have authorities on the subject so we are legit. Tiki Modern. The book is a great collection of some of the best work done during the Tiki hey day in the 50’s and 60’s, from the emergence of Tiki Bars to the founding of Witco.

As I said before, this week’s entry is a recreation of a wood carving as an exercise in color.

* Where do I deliver the cookies?

This Just In: IE 6 is about to face imminent defeat at the hands of TikiKitchen

The majority of testing is almost done. Thank you to everyone who has sent comments. If you have more feel free to send them to me. I have been squashing some bugs, and I am almost ready to make the switch from using this blog as a part of my site to using WordPress as my entire CMS tool. That is what I would like to think anyway. I have been chugging along trying to find bugs specifically in Internet Explorer 6. So far I have eradicated about 85% of the bugs, I think. This is going to make it easier to work on future iterations and tweaks, as well as adding on new layers of functionality (can you say AJAX?).

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New Site and Blog now in Beta… Now with more fish by-product.

I have been working real hard to get my site up and running. When I first got into web design, I never thought of things like maintenance, updating, managing, or even working across platform (or silly me). I decided that 1.) I need a new look, and 2.) I need to have a site that I can update frequently without pulling down code, and reuploading it; update the design iteratively; and be able to make minor modifications on somewhat of a daily basis (as neeeded).

After what seems to be a 3e+12 (get out your calculators) word cuss  job I finally have my TikiKitchen laid out, and coded.As with all things web, I decided to put my site into “Beta”. What, Timmy? “What is ‘Beta'”, you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. “Beta” is computer jargon for “I am too lazy to test this myself. I think I will have other people test it for me.” This is closely related to “Gramma” meaning “I am too lazy to check my own Grammar at the moment.” Continue reading