Ballad of Magellan

This is what I would feel like if I weren’t so damn tired.

So exactly how far does inappropriate go before its inappropriate

So I am talking with my coworkers. We are laughing and joking about one of our colleagues who went to his first baseball game… ever. He’s a Kiwi — in that he is from New Zealand, and not a flightless bird or the fuzzy fruit you find at your local grocer. He was excited because … Continued

Woo Hoo!!! On a roll and out for a stroll

Today, M, Will, and I went for a 10 mile hike. It was awesome. We went to a neat park along the bay that looks like a huge castle with a lot of slides, dragon heads sticking out of the ground, and just enough mayhem enducing onjects to enrich the lif of any two year … Continued

Pedalin' On

Marcia and I have been rededicating ourselves to losing weight. It has been a while since we have been this determined to shed the access poundage. We both worked out everyday this week, and have kept track of our diets and what we are eating. Its important for us to stay on top of our … Continued

I will now accept a nice cold glass of accolade

We had a good trip to Milwaukee. It was a bit short, but good. Marcia and I finally passed a major monument in our lives together. We graduated. M received her PhD, and I had the title of Master of the Arts conferred upon me. Before The graduation ceremony I was actually feeling fairly apathetic … Continued