Television: the Internet Drug of the Nation

Newton Minow once called Television a “vast wasteland”. He would later revise his thought to describe Television as a “Toxic Dump”. I can’t say I really disagree. There is nothing worse than bad TV in terms of our cultural values. The majority of our watching habits revolve around thin plots, titillating scandals, and mostly vapid … Continued

Lifted: It was bound to happen sometime.

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I won’t bother anyone with excuses. Needless to say, their are times when you have to just put away the big ol’ interwebz when you get home and pay attention to what truly matters. Some people spend most of their time worrying about what goes on in the … Continued

Happiness Project: I haz a happy! Now Go Cultivate Some Awesome

@BgKahuna recently posited a question How Do People Achieve Happiness? How do you define it? Westerners define it differently than Easterners. For Westerners happiness is a feeling of euphoria. It’s a sense that everything is going to be wonderful, and that we are going to live happily ever after and ride on unicorns that fart cotton … Continued

Controlling your own rudder: We few. We happy few.

I turned 40 last summer. It was kind of a non-event for a milestone birthday really. We were in the middle of closing on our house, trying to get out of our old house, organizing people to help move and watch the kids, and oh yeah… work. It was what it was … just another … Continued