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Contemplating Jazz: My Life with My Oldest Friend… Music – Lesson #2

I don’t get to do it very often. Play music that is. I love it really. It’s one of the few times when I feel like I have all of my faculties. My bass is like a third arm, or … Continue reading

Controlling your own rudder: We few. We happy few.

I turned 40 last summer. It was kind of a non-event for a milestone birthday really. We were in the middle of closing on our house, trying to get out of our old house, organizing people to help move and … Continue reading

Now, for your shopping pleasure

A friend of mine saw a piece that I recently did, and asked me if it was for sale. Honestly, I had only thought about selling my work as a kind of lofty dream. I never took it seriously.
After some … Continue reading

35 (not sure why … figured better than nothing)

I have take this down for the moment until I can figure out a better way to post the movie.
Here is a little piece I did for my animation class. Not bad for a first time.

What a day

Okay, so I got a raise