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Well, another year and I am once again late on coming up with any resolutions, plans, or useful projects. Perhaps I am being to hard on myself. Afterall, we did just have a baby a couple of weeks ago; it was the Holiday season; and I have been looking into strengthening both my design, and my programming skills.

That said, it is high time I get on the ball again. Not only for me, but for my wife and sons. It is crucial that knuckling down becomes a priority for me.

Now, I hate resolutions. They seem to be the first things you don’t do in the new year. I would much rather call them goals, since that is more of what they are. A resolution connotes a kind of tolerance towards an issue as in “I resolve to lose weight, though I don’t really care to change my habits.” A very passive-aggressive way to give yourself an out on certain tasks. A goal, however, says “You will change your habits, and find fulfillment in the rewards – while I eat all of the jelly donuts. Hey You, I don’t want you to be tempted.” Awfully nice of Goals to do that.

So my goals are:

  • Change my eating habits, restart my exercise, and lose that weight. I am not getting any younger, and the kids aren’t getting any slower. I might as well see if I can match ’em.
  • Alone time should be used to expand my skills whether it’s reading, designing, or just listening. I can easily do some fun design stuff while watching TV.
  • Start up the 7-Star Challenge once again (starting today, actually). The more I give myself exercises and deadlines, the better I can stay focused.
  • Kick start both the cartoon and my thesis. I need to finish my degree, and the cartoon needs to go somewhere.

Now, to fit all of that into one day.

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