About Aric "TikiKitchen" Harris

Aric Harris, Founder and CEO

TikiKitchen Inc.

I’m a User Experience Designer, Front-End Developer, and visual artist in Indianapolis, IN with a passion for Tiki and Polynesian Pop, but mostly I like making stuff.

I started working in design related fields during college where I worked with the school theatre as a stage technician and sound designer. I later moved my design focus from the aural to the epicurean working in restaurants and moving my way up to head baker — at the same time finishing my degree in broadcast and electronic communication.

I enjoy his creativity, non-nonsense advice and co-operative working style.
He is proactive and delivers on his promises, I like dependability.
Maun Seitz-Hipkins, Well Kiddos™

When I began my Master’s at Marquette University, completed in May of 2009, I narrowed my focus of study from radio, TV, and film to Computer Arts and New Media with an interest in visual rhetorical criticism. While at Marquette I began work on Captain Dementia, an online animated series about a super hero who is not all there. I am now working on finishing my MFA at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco with an emphasis in Computer Arts and New Media.

Though my spare time is limited, I enjoy playing with my two sons, spending time with my wife, collecting memorabilia from the Tiki and Lounge culture during the 1950’s Americana, playing bass, and adorning myself in ink. Other hobbies of mine include cartoons, reading, cooking, bicycling, developing a warped sense of humor, and listening to everything from Charles Mingus and Juan Garcia Esquivel to the White Stripes.

So what is TikiKitchen Design?

The most common question I typically get is “So you don’t design kitchens?” Sadly, no. However, the majority of my inspiration comes from the kitchen through cooking, books, countless recipes, and my love of Formica. It is in the kitchen that I began to understand color, balance, contrast, and simplicity.

I have taken the years of cooking in various kitchens, and translated them into a working design practice where I focus on service, presentation, and craftsmanship.


Aric C. Harris


TikiKitchen Design, Indianapolis

2005 – Present
President & Founder, Artistic Director, and Lead Designer

Provide full stack design and development services and consultation including logo and identity design, multimedia, visual design and artistic services to small to mid-size business, and nonprofit organizations. Client list supplied on the following page.

hc1.com, Indianapolis

2013 – 2015
Visual and Multimedia Designer / User Experience Manager

Collaborate across multiple teams from Marketing to Engineering to design and develop UI concepts and wireframes to support data visualization in the Health Industry, and produce cross-department marketing collateral such as email, white paper, and presentation templates.

Angie’s List, Indianapolis

2012 – 2013
Senior Web Designer

Work with multiple teams in the marketing and usability departments to create site optimized redesigns, user test, and monitor user engagement to increase membership sales.

Antics, Digital Marketing, Belmont, CA

Creative Media and Technology Specialist

As part of the production and creative teams. implement client microsites, email campaigns, and website redesigns as well as develop strategies to produce deliverables, provide estimates, create production guidelines, and maintain production schedules and workflow, and research new media technologies for delivering digital marketing content from mobile devices to desktop applications.


2003-2008: Marquette University

Broadcast and Electronic Media, MA, 2008

New Media Studies, Visual and Multimedia Design, and Rhetorical Criticism of Visual Communiction.

2000-2002: Indiana State University

Radio/TV/Film, BS, 2002

New Media Design, Video and Audio Production

Skill Sets & Tools


Front-End and UX/UI development, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Digital Media Creation, Email Marketing, Creative Direction, Photography, Audio and Video production, Print Design, A/B Testing, SEO Integration, and Research and Writing.


HTML5, (X)HTML, CSS2/3, JavaScript, PHP, Content Management Systems, WordPress, Bootstrap, Email Template Creation, Mobile Web Design, Adobe Test&Target, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Flash (ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0), HomeSite, Adobe CCS (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, AdobeAfter Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition), Apple Logic.

SASS, LESS, Bootstrap
Node.JS, jQuery, Vanilla
WordPress, Joomla, Magento, eCommerce Solutions
Email & Landing Page Design
Foundation Emails, Hand Code, Pardot, MailChimp, Constant Contact
Wireframe & Prototyping
Sketch, Balsamiq
Vector Animation & Motion Graphics
Foundation Emails, Hand Code, Pardot, MailChimp, Constant Contact
Logo Design, Print, & Visual Communication
Illustrator, InDesign
Video & Audio Editing
Premiere, AfterEffects, Animate, Logic, Soundbooth
Lightroom, PhotoShop
Other Design Services
Illustration, Script Writing, Wood carving