Social Media is the new Agent Smith

My favorite recent headline in regards to a social marketing campaign had to do with an organic farm having the largest virtual blueberry patch grown in one of the world’s largest online farming games (the one that displays it’s annoying banner everyday in my Facebook news feed). This, to me, is like saying I got the first prize for being the world’s tallest midget.


9:1 – A rotating ratio between developers and designers

Not getting much sleep, I started to stress over — of all things — my thesis project, which I still have to write and present my proposal for.

In the past I have toyed with everything from trying to do a cartoon, to some sort of social networking tool that allows the user to create digital narratives, to building a weight loss community. I then had the idea of designing my own collaboration tool for working on large scale media projects (movies, commercials, videos, etc.). I got pretty excited, so I proposed this idea to a couple instructors.


New Site and Blog now in Beta… Now with more fish by-product.

I have been working real hard to get my site up and running. When I first got into web design, I never thought of things like maintenance, updating, managing, or even working across platform (or silly me). I decided that 1.) I need a new look, and 2.) I need to have a site that I can update frequently without pulling down code, and reuploading it; update the design iteratively; and be able to make minor modifications on somewhat of a daily basis (as neeeded).